Our unique Fly In Floe Edge Explorer is the first of its kind in the Arctic region. It is the perfect adventure for those wanting to explore the spectacular polar landscapes and amazing wildlife, with comfort and safety as their number one priority.  

The focal point of this adventure is our exclusive Baffin Safari Helicopter. Each day, it will transport you from our private hotel in Pond Inlet to the incredible floe edge, during the time when sightings of Narwhal and Beluga whales are at their best.

With 7-8 hour days at the floe edge, we have the best opportunity to spot a range of wildlife such as Narwhal and Beluga whales, seals, walrus, Arctic Fox and Polar Bears. And with our Baffin Safari Inuit guides based in the area, their extensive knowledge provides us with the most up to date movements for tracking this amazing wildlife.

Our Baffin Safari Explorers camp will be set-up close-by so that we can provide everything that is needed throughout the day - including a range of delicious lunches and snacks, as well as tea and coffee made from the water of melted icebergs.

Days not spent at the floe edge will be filled with Hot Air Balloon flights near the incredible peaks and glaciers of Simirlik National Park; dog sledding adventures and visits to historical Inuit sites.

At the end of each day you will return to the warmth of our exclusive Baffin Safari Hotel, in Pond Inlet, for a comfortable nights rest.