In 2001, Baffin Safari’s Chief Expedition Officer, John Davidson was the subject of a Discovery Canada commissioned television documentary called 'Polar Safari'. This highly acclaimed documentry focused on John’s successful attempt to cross the notorious Hudson Bay in a Hot Air Balloon - an adventure that ultimately led John to start Baffin Safari.

It was after this film project that John’s name became synonymous with private film expeditions into the Arctic.

Baffin Safari can manage every small or large detail of your film or research expedition into some of the Arctic’s most inaccessible locations as well as some of its most spectacular.

In a place like the Arctic, it is vital to utilize the services of an experienced Arctic Operator in order to maximize your financial and time resources, and to ensure that both your team and your specialized equipment return safely. 

We understand that every professional photographer, researcher or filmmaker has entirely different needs and demands for their project and that each of these requirements need to be met within budgets of time and money.

Please contact us if you have any specific film or research requirements and we can guarantee that we will assist in making it a success.

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