Preparation Day - Arrive in Ottawa (optional)

An overnight stay in Ottawa is optional en route to the start of your Arctic expedition. A Baffin Safari team member will be there to escort you to suitable adventure equipment retailers, if required.

Day 1 - Landing in Pond Inlet

Fly In - Hotel Pic.jpg

After an early Ottawa departure and a short stopover in Iqaluit, you will arrive into Pond Inlet in the early evening (this is dependent on the final flight schedule available).  

A smiling John Davidson, or one of our other Expedition Leaders, will be there waiting to take you to the Sauniq Hotel, where a good night’s sleep is planned before starting early the next morning.

Day 2 - Helicopter Journey to the Floe Edge

Baffin Safari helicopter.jpg

We will board the exclusive Baffin Safari Helicopter for a breathtaking journey to the Baffin Safari Explorers camp at the Floe Edge. Sitting back in comfort and enjoying the magnificent landscapes that slowly pass below you, you will experience an introduction to the Arctic like no other.

Life and beauty is in abundance where the open sea meets the thick frozen ice. No trip to the Arctic is complete without scouting the Floe Edge in search of a variety of Arctic wildlife and marine mammals.

Our Baffin Safari Explorers Camp on the ice is made up of Yurt dome expedition shelters, which will provide a comfortable space for enjoying our delicious lunches - a mix of Arctic Char, Caribou and other specialty dishes. There will also be space available for taking rest or enjoying a cup of tea or coffee - all whilst being only meters from migrating whales and drifting icebergs!

Day 3 - Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Flight

Baffin Safari Balloon Flight.jpg

Today we will take to the skies in a totally different way, giving you a unique opportunity to view the spectacular Arctic landscapes and wildlife from your own Hot Air Balloon.

Baffin Safari is the only Arctic tour company that exclusively includes this amazing experience of flying over this incredible region.

This is an extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience, that will never be forgotten! You become one of only a handful of people to have ever flown in a Hot Air Balloon in the Arctic!

Arctic geese Baffin Safari.jpg

Once back down to earth, literally, the afternoon is kept for exploring some of the regions spectacular scenery, including Simirlik National Park and the Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

Bylot Island has the largest breeding colony of greater snow geese in the Canadian High Arctic and a total of 74 unique species of arctic birds thrive on this island.

Day 4 - The Beauty of the Floe Edge

Today, we will return to the Floe Edge in our Baffin Safari Helicopter and once there, we will spend some more time watching the array of wildlife that gathers in this simply magical place.

Our snowmobiles, komatiks and our local Inuit guides will be available to scout the Floe Edge in search of any elusive, hard to see wildlife.

The afternoon will provide you with some relaxing free time to enjoy the sunset and soak up the beauty of your surreal surroundings.


Day 5 - Dog Sledding Expedition En-Route to the Floe Edge

We start the day with the opportunity to feel you are truly part of the Arctic! And to do this, we believe, you should experience how the Inuit people of this region have travelled the landscape before the arrival of snowmobiles.

We will travel to a traditional igloo, by way of a dog sledding expedition, and once there, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee to warm up, before we board the Helicopter bound for the Floe Edge.

You have the option to lead your own dog-sled team or sit back and enjoy the ride as our Inuit guides show you how they handle and manage the team of dedicated dogs.

This will also be our final day at the Floe Edge, where we hope to have you sitting only a few feet away from feeding whales, as floating icebergs and phenomenal crystal blue hues paint a surreal picture that changes in front of your eyes.

Dog sledding in the arctic

Today, the Baffin Safari team will be sad to see you leave, but we’ll be happy in the knowledge that you have taken the time to ‘experience’ this Arctic region with us - a region that we are so passionate about.

Your trip is not over yet though, with an overnight stay in Iqaluit, Nunavut's capital city, and Canada's least populated city. You will be checked into a hotel for the night and will depart for your onward journey to Ottawa the following afternoon.

Day 6 - Depart Pond Inlet for Iqaluit

Day 7 - Iqaluit onwards to Ottawa

A Baffin Safari representative will be waiting in Ottawa to get you safely to your hotel if you decide to stop over for a night or two. Alternatively, if your flight schedule allows, you may wish to head home directly.