Preparation Day - Arrive in Ottawa (optional)

An overnight stay in Ottawa is optional en route to the start of your Arctic expedition. A Baffin Safari team member will be there to escort you to suitable adventure equipment retailers if required.

Day 1 - Landing in Pond Inlet

Pang Hotel.jpg

After an early Ottawa departure and  a short stop-over in Iqaluit, you will arrive into Pond Inlet, your trip starting point,  in the early evening.   A smiling John Davidson, or one of our other Expedition Leaders, will be there waiting to take you to the comfortable Sauniq Hotel where a  good night’s sleep is in order before starting early the next morning.

Day 2 - Journey to Baffin Base Camp

We will board the Baffin Safari snow mobiles and Inuit sled’s for an adventurous journey to our Base Camp on the ice. You will be able to take in the magnificent landscapes that surround you while you get a sense of the adventurous spirit that comes with exploring this sometimes challenging region. Our base camp location occasionally changes based on ice and weather conditions, but don’t worry, all are stunning locations.

One of our favorite sites for camp on this safari is a glacial lake nestled at the foot of stunning peaks and ice caps.

Our exclusive Baffin Safari Base Camp on the ice is made up of Yurt dome expedition shelters which are all equipped with appropriate heaters and generated power when needed. Our large 14 foot shelters are equipped with raised cots, full mattresses, extremely comfortable cold weather sleeping bags and your own brand new felt inserts. All Yurt domes are fitted out for double occupancy. The base camp will also include an 18 foot shelter for dining, relaxing and discussing the day’s adventures.

otter tents baffin base camp

After settling into the camp with a fulfilling Arctic lunch, made up of a mix of Arctic Char, Caribou and some other specialty dishes, you will have some personal time to absorb your surroundings and take in the sensational beauty of the Arctic.

Day 3 - The Arctic from the Air 

Today we will take to the skies with the unique opportunity of viewing the spectacular Arctic landscapes and wildlife from your own Hot Air Balloon.

Baffin Safari is the only Arctic tour company that exclusively includes this amazing experience of flying in a Hot Air Balloon over this incredible region.

This is an extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience, that will never be forgotten as you become one of only a very small number of people to have flown in a Hot Air Balloon in the Arctic.

Once back down to earth, literally, the afternoon is planned for exploring some of the regions spectacular scenery including Simirlik National Park and the Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary. .

Day 4 - The Beauty of the Floe Edge

Arctic life and beauty is in abundance where the open sea meets the thick frozen ice. No trip to the Arctic is complete without scouting the Floe Edge in search of a variety of Arctic wildlife and marine mammals.

We hope to have you sitting only a few feet away from feeding Narwal and Beluga whales as floating ice packs and  crystal blue hues create the most perfect photo opportunities.

Polar Bears, seals and walrus can also be spotted but seldom come as close.

Waiting at the Flow Edge

Day 5 - Dog Sledding Expedition to the Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Step back into the history of the Arctic region and the Inuit hunting culture as you lead your own dog-sled team into the Simirlik National Park on a spectacular day-long adventure.

Our Inuit guides will be with you all the way, showing how they handle and manage the dogs while they guide you on the 4 hour journey to the cliffs of Bylot Island. 

The island cliffs are covered with mountains, ice fields, steep cliffs, snowfields and glaciers, which provide a nesting habitat for a large numbers of thick-billed murres and black-legged kittiwakes. The marine waters off the island provide rich foraging for these seabirds. The southwest corner of Bylot Island consists of moist lowland tundra that is ideal nesting habitat for songbirds, shorebirds and waterfowl. Bylot Island has the largest breeding colony of greater snow geese in the Canadian High Arctic. A total of 74 unique species of arctic birds thrive on this island.

If you are not up for leading your own Dog-Sledding team, then don’t worry, we do have customized sled’s which you can ride on under the expert control of one of the guides.

Dog sledding in the arctic

Today we return to the Floe Edge to spend some more time watching the array of magical wildlife that gathers in this simply amazing place at this time of the year.

The afternoon will provide you with some relaxing free time to enjoy the sunset and soak up the beauty of your surreal surroundings. 

Day 6 - Return to the Floe Edge

Day 7 - Explore "Pond"

Returning to "Pond"  from the Baffin Safari Base Camp, you will check into a hotel before dinner. The evening is available to explore this artistic Inuit hamlet. Take some time to purchase some Inuit crafts and souvenirs or simply see a different way of life. It is here that you will truly realize that we are guests of a magical place.

Inuit arts and crafts baffin safari
Inuit carving pond inlet baffin safari

Day 8 - Depart Pond Inlet for Iqaluit

Today, the Baffin Safari team will be sad to see you leave, but we’ll be happy in the knowledge that you have taken the time to ‘experience’ this Arctic region with us, a region that we are so passionate about.

Your trip is not over yet though, with an overnight stay in Iqaluit, Nunavut's capital city and Canada's least populated city. You will be checked into a hotel for the night and will depart for your onward journey to Ottawa the the following afternoon.


A Baffin Safari representative will be waiting in Ottawa to get you safely to your hotel if you decide to stop over for a night or two. Alternatively, if your flight schedule allows, you may wish to head home directly.

Day 9 - Iqaluit on to Ottawa