Associated with the untouched and remote beauty of the Arctic Region is a level of perceived risk connected to being within an environment that is unfamiliar to most people on the planet. The Baffin Safari team is overtly aware of this fact and can ensure you that your Safety is our number one priority at all times. 

There are a number of key operational parameters that help us guarantee that your trip is both safe and offers you constant peace of mind:

  • Every one of our guests will be given a personal Delorme Satellite Communicator which allows you to trigger an SOS for help, send & receive text messages and for you (or family) to track your GPS coordinates.

  • Our expedition leaders have the necessary training to handle both minor and major emergencies specific to the sometimes unpredictable Arctic environment.

  • The backbone of our operating procedures is an approved emergency action plan that has been reviewed by the most experienced Arctic operators and relevant emergency service

  • Each expedition team is well equipped with all the necessary modern technologies required to handle any emergency situation.

  • A practiced knowledge of traditional survival techniques learnt from the local Inuit people is an integral part of the experience and knowledge that Baffin Safari expedition leaders bring to each trip.



All Baffin Safari expeditions involve a mix of traditional native Inuit meals in combination with more common western dishes.

Much of the local Inuit culture revolves around the foods and the methods in which they prepare their meals. Inuit families highly value the time they spend together as they hunt, prepare and feast upon what they feel has been provided to them by the land. It is an important time to bond and to teach traditional ways of thinking and living.

The Baffin team feels that in order to both experience and understand the true beauty of the Arctic region and the Inuit culture that exists here, you really need to get a true taste of the Inuit food and the traditions that surround the preparation of their meals.

And off course, we can certainly cater to any specific diets and food requirements - all you need to do is let us know!!



Traditional Inuit Igloo: you have the option to spend a night in a traditional Inuit Igloo built exclusively for Baffin Safari guests by our local Inuit guides.

Upon arrival at our Igloo Camp, you also have the option to get a first hand insight into the traditional techniques involved in their construction as you “get your hands dirty” and assist the team with the finishing stages of the Igloo construction.

The Igloo has traditionally been a pivotal component of the ability of the Inuit people to survive and flourish for extended periods of time on the ice in extreme weather conditions. It is a unique and integral part of their culture, however a way of life that they may no longer use on a daily basis, but are happy to continue to teach and showcase to others.

Yurt Domes:  Our yurt style tents provide over 100 square feet of space and allow for standing room ( over six feet throughout ).   They easily accompany two large size cot beds with room for night tables and chairs.   Our tents also have fully insulated walls and roof, allowing us to easily heat the units when required, and our custom Baffin Safari floors allow for "boots off"  comfort and are sectional, providing  open snow/ice  areas to leave your outside gear without getting your floor all wet.   Best of all, our yurts have 6 windows giving a full 360 degrees of view, yet all close up with blinds for a good rest in the land of 24 hour sunlight.

The Balloon base camp will also include an 18 foot shelter for dining, relaxing and discussing the day’s adventures.

We also provide warm water for washing and our portable powered shower is always available for anyone who wants to warm up after a long day of exploring.

Hotels: Your trip includes 2 nights at the Exclusive Baffin safari hotel in Pond Inlet. Should we encounter harsh arctic weather during the trip, we may need to take advantage of the same hotel or one of the Inuit cabin’s along the way

Weather conditions and temperatures in May / June

The temperatures start to warm up as the Arctic Summer approaches. Temperatures usually range between -5° up to +15°C.

The midnight sun sets in, with 24 hours of daylight starting in the middle of May.

Equipment and Clothing

Arctic Clothing.jpg

A visit to the Arctic region definitely requires the right equipment and clothing. It is a careful balance of making sure that you not only have the right gear but also the right amount of gear.

During spring in the high arctic, EXTREME clothing is not required, as the temperatures are moderated by long hours of sunlight. However, for very little cost, simple, high quality and comfortable under layers can be purchased at one of the many expedition shops in Ottawa (and all in one district). 

arctic equipment baffin comfort

A Baffin Safari representative (and an exclusive discount card) will be there to assist you with this process in Ottawa, before you take your next flight onto Iqaluit. You will be able to leave unnecessary equipment at our office in Ottawa (to be picked up on your return) and replace it with more suitable items as required. This is a service exclusive to Baffin Safari and an important part of your trip. We are a family operated business and we live in Ottawa, so we ensure personal service the whole way.

We also have additional clothing available once you reach Qikiqtarjuaq should unusually cold weather set in.

A comprehensive list of suggested clothing and equipment will be provided to you as part of the Baffin Safari trip dossier following your confirmation of booking.



A Baffin Safari trip gives you the opportunity to switch off your mobile, put down the iPad and disconnect from the technologies that are a major part of our everyday. While we encourage this same philosophy from our guests, we understand that there are sometimes needs to have a certain level of connectivity to life outside the Arctic.

All Baffin Safari Guests will be provided with their own Delorme Satellite Communicator which will allow you to send & receive text messages and also allows you to trigger an SOS for help and track your GPS coordinates if required.